Diary of a Tech Startup Gal – Mar 2012

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See Magazine March 2012

See Magazine March 2012

It’s time for another issue of See Magazine! I just finished reading it and am so very inspired by the women featured this month.  Dr. Catherine Hamlin’s created a hospital in Africa that helps women deal with something most of us could never imagine. It stole their lives, forcing them to live in shacks as outcasts. Dr. Hamlin gives them their lives back.  [starts on page 4]

And then there’s 16 year-old Nicole Muller’s Neighbor-4-Neighbor program has helped feed so many people in need of food right here in the USA. This amazing young woman was cold-emailing governors to get her program spread to every state. [starts on page 10]

Of course, it also includes “Diary of a Startup Gal”. This month gives you an insight into my history and how it took me 4 years to figure out what I really wanted. It was a struggle and I hope you can’t relate. For those of you that can, hang in there. [starts on page 19]

There are so many great things in this magazine! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do!


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