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In August 2012, I joined a startup called ConnectAround as the technical cofounder. It’s a startup focused on the We’ve been HUSTLING to make stuff happen and it’s been incredibly interesting.

Read a little more about us or better yet, check out the site.


What is ConnectAround?

ConnectAround is a private online network where residents and staff in large active lifestyle adult communities can connect and communicate. Outsiders are not permitted to view any information.

Who is ConnectAround for?

ConnectAround is designed specifically for 55+ active adults who would like to create more connections within their lifestyle communities. It is also designed to be a great communication tool for the administration and management.

What are ConnectAround’s intentions?

Our vision is to promote active lifestyles by revealing people, opportunities, and activities that are in your neighborhood. We do this providing a safe, online website that only includes neighbors, places, and events in your community. We protect you from outsiders and scams.

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